Our Purpose

To advance the education of the public in the use and implementation of automation technologies in the workplace and its impact and effect on the workforce

To advance the education and training of persons displaced or in danger of being displaced by the introduction of automation technologies including by the provision of schemes for retraining

The relief of unemployment of those displaced by automation technologies

The promotion of ethical standards in business with a view to ensuring the promotion of ethical principles, policies and procedures in industry and commerce and ensuring the ethical treatment of people whose current and future employment is at risk of replacement by automation technology and also the social obligation of persons engaged in industry and commerce towards the welfare of those people at risk, in particular by:

a) Raising awareness of the issues surrounding automation technologies and which roles will be affected;

b) Signposting to information, by developing an ongoing and ever developing knowledge portal that provides the latest trends, synthesises research and profiles case studies;

c) Building a community of partners, developing whole-of society/ cross-sector discussions on ways to prevent negative outcomes of automation technologies through roundtables and engagement activities

Richard Skellett