Digital Anthropology founder, Richard Skellett has stepped in to rescue Derby University graduate Samad Olatunji’s business.

The pair met after Richard began a mentoring programme with final year students on the Digital Marketing degree course.

Digital Anthropology was supporting the students with coaching as well as the practicality of moving into the world outside of university. A major part of this was looking at the dreams and aspirations and aligning those to the journey ahead.

Samad’s business journey began just over a year ago and he had survived the difficulties of starting up, winning his first contracts, to then see his efforts crash with the current crisis.

However, the story has a happy ending as today, Samad starts afresh with two other directors and a support package from Digital Anthropology which secures their future for at least the next 12 months.

Richard Skellett said:

“I was so impressed with this group of students and their entrepreneurial spirit. Digital Anthropology was founded to support individuals, business and the government.”

Samad Olatunji said: “Richard is incredibly inspirational and has taken the time to mentor and coach me. I am so delighted that he has such faith in me and has reached out to offer me this fantastic opportunity.”

Richard added: “This innovative support we have provided to Samad and his business partners mean they are no burden to the government or the taxpayer and will contribute growth to the economy to help fund our Social Enterprise financial legacy that will run for generations.”

Richard Skellett stands on stairs, smiling