Digital Anthropology founder Richard Skellett will speak at the Future of Work Summit, which takes place on Thursday 13 June during London Tech Week.

Richard will lead and moderate a panel debate titled ‘Mind the (Skills) Gap: Preparing for an Uncertain Future’. The panel will explore key issues around the skills gap and the future of work, including:

  • What are the essential elements of digital literacy for a modern workforce?
  • Strategic workforce planning for the future without clarity on the expertise needed for roles of the future
  • Anticipating automation and AI
  • The importance of creating a talent pipeline for the organisation through reskilling
  • Who is responsible for the skills reboot? How much is up to the employer vs worker?
  • What is the role of policy and regulation in preparing workers and businesses?

Joining Richard for the session are Sarah Atkinson, Vice Chair of the Diversity & Skills Council at TechUK, Simon Leeming, Head of the Digital Skills Partnership at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, Adam Micklethwaite, Director of Digital Inclusion at Good Things Foundation, and Doniya Soni, Principal Policy officer, Digital and STEM Skills at Greater London Authority.

For more information on the Summit, and London Tech Week, please click here.

An audience watches the stage at the Future of Work Summit.