Digital Anthropology – a social enterprise associated with campaigning to put people issues at the heart of the technology debate is today launching a solution to staff redeployment across the UK.

This unique new exchange platform allows staff on furlough and the registered unemployed to work for Digital Anthropology on a voluntary basis to be requested by any charity, business or newly created volunteering schemes needing resources. As the individuals are volunteers, they will not receive any salary but will be paid expenses as well as being fully supported by Digital Anthropology.

The Exchange will provide support to charities in commercial areas such as sales, marketing IT, business strategy, HR as well as supporting initiatives such as The NHS Volunteer Responder programme and The Red Cross Community Reserve Volunteers.

As well as supporting the not for profit sector the scheme will support commercial business too in their key commercial areas.

Digital Anthropology has written an open letter to all MPs and is currently reaching out to organisations across the UK to encourage participation and to help the areas where most needed.

This scheme is designed to support both the charity and commercial sectors enabling them to carry on through this unprecedented situation and to be ready for when the economy switches back on again.

In summary the Workplace Exchange will

  • Redeploy current UK employees to where they are needed most
  • Enable employees to work across and between companies, without losing their employment status with their original employer
  • Complement the government 80% wage announcement
  • Source and deploy resource not currently in employment.

Founder of Digital Anthropology and Future of Work expert, Richard Skellett commented ‘These are truly challenging and worrying times. I believe that the working landscape will never be the same, which is why my mission has been pioneering social enterprise and multi portfolio working. This scheme will enable everyone to play their part in supporting the vulnerable as well as supporting the commercial sector to stay afloat. I urge you to join us, we are in this together.’

Digital Anthropology workplace exchange